RIVOLI Express Free Shuttles

Every Saturday and Sunday between March 18th and October 1st 2017, a free shuttle connects Piazza Castello in central Turin to Castello di Rivoli, via Porta Susa (Piazza XVIII Dicembre) train station. The service, provided by GTT, also operates on Easter Monday, April 25th, May 1st, June 2nd and August 15th. Your museum ticket is required to board the return shuttle from Castello di Rivoli.

CS_navette weekend

On Monday 1st May there will be deviations of public transport following the Labor Day parade.

Rivoli Express 9.30 am and 12.00 am runs will not pass from Piazza Castello but  they will end at Via Bertola terminal (bus number 72 terminal)

On the other hand, the stop in  XVIII December square will be held regularly.

From Torino to Castello di Rivoli

 Torino P.za Castello  ( central bus stop )               
 09.30 am   12.00 am  02.30 pm   05.10 pm
 Torino Porta Susa (Piazza XVIII Dicembre)
 09.35 am  12.05 am  02.35 pm  05.15 pm
 Castello di Rivoli
 10.30 am 01.00 pm  03.30 pm  06.10 pm
 From Castello di Rivoli to  Torino
 Castello di Rivoli    
 10.30 am  1.00 pm  03.30 pm  06.10 pm
 Torino Porta Susa (Piazza XVIII Dicembre)
 11.25 am  1.55 pm  04.25 pm  07.05 pm
 Torino Piazza Castello
 11.30 am  02.00 pm  04.30 pm  07.10 pm




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