Arts Learning Festival Melbourne

The Education Department Castello di Rivoli has been invited (the only Italian museum) by Independent Schools Victoria, Melbourne, to participate to its Arts Learning Festival which will take place in Melbourne in May 2017. The invitation comes after a study journey that the team of Independent Schools Victoria did in Summer 2015, visiting also Castello di Rivoli and participating to the Art Yard at Sant’Anna Hospital (Torino) with Fondazione Medicina a misura di donna.
The 2017 Arts Learning Festival organized by ISV will host acclaimed programs from around the world, including the Education Department Castello di Rivoli and Cittadellarte Fondazione Pistoletto from Italy, two cultural institutions that have been already collaborating for the international project Third Paradise (from Michelangelo Pistoletto’s artwork).

In preparation to the Arts Learning Festival, research was conducted into festivals around the world, looking at the impact they have had on those who have taken part. The joint investigation involved Anne Smith, Arts Program Manager at Independent Schools Victoria (ISV), and Project Zero from the Graduate School of Education at Harvard University. They examined 77 festivals and cultural projects, both overseas and in Australia, that showcase the work of students, teachers and schools. Among the Education Department Castello di Rivoli’s projects in particular, Abi-tanti. The migrating multitude, Flying Carpet and Third Paradise were chosen.

During the 2017 Arts Learning Festival in Melbourne the Education Department will involve children, teenagers, teachers and the community as a whole in different kind of activities, in partnership with local institutions such as the Immigration Museum. A program based on the idea of the generative value of culture and the arts to renew and reinvigorate communities, by sharing values such as identity, difference, environmental sustainability etc.


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